Ivo Domenico CALIO'

Full Professor of Structural mechanics [ICAR/08]
Office: stanza 33 edificio polifunzionale (4° piano)
Email: ivo.calio@unict.it icalio@dica.unict.it
Phone: 095 738 2255
Web Site: www.ivocalio.wix.com/ivocalio
Office Hours: si riceve anche per appuntamento, scrivere una email ad ivo.calio@unict.it | Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 13:00

Full professor of Dynamics of Structures, joined at the University of Catania as researcher in 1997. Since his PhD, he has extensively worked on nonlinear analysis methods for dynamic structural analysis, and this research, extended to the modelling of whole masonry and reinforced concrete building behavior under earthquake loadings. He participated in several scientific projects aimed at investigating the seismic assessment of existing concrete and masonry building not designed to resist to earthquake loading. Currently he coordinates a research group for developing alternative macro-element numerical strategies, suitable both for practical engineering purposes and academic investigations. The main results of these researches have being implemented in two structural analysis program 3DMacro, for masonry and mixed reinforced concrete and masonry buildings and HiStrA (Historical Structures Analysis) focused on the Structural Assessment of Historical Monumental Structures and Masonry Bridges subjected to extreme loadings or unexpected events. He is associate editor of the international journal Shock & Vibration

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