Academic Year 2015/2016 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Federico VAGLIASINDI
Credit Value: 9
Scientific field: ICAR/03 - Sanitary and environmental engineering
Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
Taught classes: 54 hours
Term / Semester:

Detailed Course Content

Environmental Issue; natural and antropogenic polluttants;

Environmental law;

Mass Balances

Foundamentals of toxicology, ecology and environmental impact assesments and risk analysis

Natural water and wastewater characteristics

BOD, natural attenuation;

Classification of water and wastewater treatment;

Sludge treatment

Coagulation, settling, filtration, adsorption, disinfection

Water softening, fluoration, iron and manganese removal

Water saving

Water runoff: environmental issues

Wastewater reuse

Waste management, recycling, composting:

Soil pollution and site remediation

Delocalized wastewater treatment

Electromagnetic pollution

Field visit to Catania wastewater tteatment plant

Air pollution

Case Study: the national site of Biancavilla, Catania

Textbook Information

Edizioni CSISA 2013. Progettazione di Impianti per il controllo del rischio sanitario ambientale. Contattare: info@csisa.it (in Italian)