Academic Year 2019/2020 - 3° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Scientific field: ICAR/11 - Building production
Taught classes: 60 hours
Exercise: 60 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • PSC. Theory and practice.

    The course aims to prepare for planning and safety management in temporary and mobile construction sites, with particular regard to the contents of Legislative Decree 81/08. A frontal training will be provided which, starting from the indications provided by the community directives, will lead to the development of competences in the activities of coordinator for safety on construction sites. An exercise will be developed with detailed elaboration of the documentation relating to the safety coordinator in the planning and execution phase.

Course Structure

  • PSC. Theory and practice.

    Frontal lessons.

Detailed Course Content

  • PSC. Theory and practice.

    - The subjects of the company prevention system: the duties, the obligations, the civil and penal responsibility.

    - The penalties and inspection procedures.

    - The safety organization of the site, the management at construction sites, the building site layout.

    - The schedule of works.

    - The minimum contents of the PSC and the POS. Drafting and examples.

    - The methodological criteria for:

    a) the development of the PSC;

    b) the development of the POS;

    c) the preparation of the dossier;

    d) the analysis of the security costs.

    - The documents wrote by outsourcers, enterprises, security coordinators.

Textbook Information

  • PSC. Theory and practice.

    - Giuseppe Semeraro, “Il cantiere sicuro. Tecnica della prevenzione infortuni nei cantieri edili e di ingegneria civile. Aggiornato al Decreto del “Fare” D.L. n.69/2013 convertito con L.98/2013”. EPC EDITORE, Roma 2013

    - Danilo G.M. De Filippo, “Il coordinatore per la sicurezza nel cantiere”. MAGGIOLI EDITORE, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) 2015

    - Andrea Bassi, “I costi della sicurezza in edilizia”. MAGGIOLI EDITORE, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) 2015