Course Overview

The Master Degree Program in Environmental Engineering provides in-depth knowledge of fundamental issues and solutions in the field of Environmental Engineering, also in light of needs related to the protection of the environment and to the sustainable development goals.
The Master Program is delivered over a period of 2 years, organized into learning activities divided into periods (2 per year), at the end of which students must have acquired 120 CFU (University credits). In the first year of the program, students are introduced to Environmental Engineering fields focusing on design, execution and management of systems and works for environmental protection, and to related and supplementary disciplinary fields. In the second year, the knowledge is focused on technical-professional activities for environmental protection and management. The Program includes some activity chosen by the students such as a training internship in a company or in public body. The final exam consists in the discussion of a dissertation in Italian or English, prepared under the guidance of one or more advisors; the dissertation may deal with a theoretical, experimental, design or state of art study.