David Johnny PERES

Assistant Professor of Hydraulic and marine contructions and hydrology [ICAR/02]

David J. Peres is an Assistant Professor (tenured) in the field of ICAR/02 - Hydraulic and Maritime Constructions and Hydrology at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Catania since December 2021. He obtained national scientific qualification for the second sector 08/A1 in 2018. He held research grants and scholarships from 2013 to 2021. He earned his Ph.D. in Sanitary-Environmental and Transportation Hydraulic Infrastructure Engineering in 2013, with a thesis titled "The hydrological control on shallow landsliding: empirical and physically based Monte Carlo approaches" (Supervisor: Prof. A. Cancelliere). He conducted research abroad as a visiting researcher at Colorado State University in the USA (2012) and at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (2017).

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Academic Year 2021/2022

The main research interests include: hydrological modeling of landslide initiation, the identification of rainfall thresholds for the development of early warning systems, the analysis of climate projections to assess the impacts of climate change on water resource management and hydrological extremes, the generation of synthetic hydro-meteorological series using stochastic models and artificial neural networks, probabilistic drought analysis, and active involvement of the population in geo-hydrological risk prevention.

Research activities have also been conducted within various national and European research projects (EU LIFE, PON Research and Innovation, PRIN, PON Governance, Agreements and Agreements with Regional Bodies and External Companies). He has collaborated, as an expert in the field, in Hydrology courses for master's degrees in Water and Transportation Engineering and Environmental and Territory Engineering. The scientific activity is documented (as of December 2021) by more than 100 published works in indexed international scientific journals, book chapters, proceedings of national and international conferences where the results of his research have been disseminated (including by invitation). He collaborates with numerous journals in the field of hydrology and natural disasters as a reviewer and serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. More details are available in his curriculum vitae (Update to: December 2021).