The Department

The Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (hereinafter DICAr) was established in 2013 following the confluence of all teaching staff of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA) with the Department of Architecture (DArc). The creation of the DICAr gave life to a department that includes all of the scientific disciplinary sectors of the University of Catania included in the CUN 08 area.

As a result, following the resolution of the BoD of 04/04/2016, by which the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) was deactivated, a large group of 19 professors merged into the DICAr which, therefore, represents today an articulated reality including the following CUN areas:
  • 08 “Ingegneria civile ed architettura”
  • 09 “Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione”.
Overall, the DICAr comprises:
  • 104 professors (30 tenured, 49 associate and 25 researchers);
  • 8 type “A” funded researchers;
  • 12 type “B” funded researchers;
  • 27 technical-administrative staff (both permanent and temporary).
The affiliated professors, belonging to various Discipline Groups, share numerous interests related to civil and environmental engineering, to the recovery of existing architecture and the design of new structures, to chemical engineering, and to the management and mechanical engineering; their teaching activity develops along the following study courses:
  • 1 Bachelor’s Degree 3-year course;
  • 2 Master’s Degree 5-year courses;
  • 6 Master’s Degree 2-year courses, one of them entirely held in English;

The DICAr also encourages and promotes the integration of research with the Advanced Education activities through doctoral and post-doctoral courses, research grants, Master’s degrees Level I and II, partnerships in strategic research projects and international cooperation.

To carry out its research, to support teaching and to meet the needs of public bodies and companies, the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture relies upon its own research laboratories.

The Department has entered into a variety of agreements with Italian, European or non-European Administrations and public and private bodies, in order to carry out applied research, scientific studies, feasibility studies, technical-scientific assistance and consultancy pertaining to the topics relevant to the scientific-disciplinary sectors of professors teaching at the Department.

The Department Chair is Prof. Matteo Ignaccolo.