Pier Paolo ROSSI

Associate Professor of Structural engineering [ICAR/09]

Pier Paolo Rossi is associate professor at the University of Catania. He received his degree in civil engineering from the University of Naples “Federico II” (1993) and his doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.) from the University of Catania (1998). He has authored or coauthored over 100 publications, including journal papers and articles in conference proceedings. He is reviewer of papers proposed for publication on many international journals. His research interests are in the areas of earthquake engineering: his attention is mainly focused on the design and seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete and steel structures. He participated to national research programs and is frequently involved in lessons held in Italy on the seismic behaviour of structures and on the application of National and European Building Codes. Presently, he has the National Academic Qualification as Full Professor for Sector 08/B3 and is professor at the University of Catania of the course "Laboratorio di Tecnica delle Costruzioni" (Struttura Didattica Speciale di Architettura inSiracusa) and "Ponti e Grandi Strutture".

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  • Design and assessment of the seismic performance of traditional and innovative, steel or reinforced concrete structures
  • Design and assessment of the seismic performance of asymmetric structures
  • Modelling of steel or reinforced concrete members
  • Strength verification of reinforced concrete members subjected to combined shear force, axial force and bending moment