Associate Professor of Real estate appraisal [ICAR/22]

Salvatore Giuffrida, architect and PhD in Assessment methods in urban and architectural design (1997), has been a researcher in Estimation at the University of Catania since 2001. He has held the teachings of Economics and Environmental Estimation, Estimation and Professional Exercise, Business Economics and Culture, Evaluation of Projects, has offered collaboration in teaching and in exam commissions for the courses of the same disciplines held by other teachers and has been tutor and co-tutor of numerous degree theses.
He obtained the national scientific qualification for the II and I bands (ASN 2016). He was a member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Integrated Analysis, Planning and Management of the Territory and is currently a member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Assessment and mitigation of urban and territorial risks at the University of Catania.
He has developed an interest in quantitative and qualitative assessments in the conservation processes of historic urban fabrics and in urban transformations starting from an initial period of consultancy in various fields of application of urban planning equalization tools and methods. Since 2011 she has participated in research agreements stipulated between the relevant Department and two Municipalities in Abruzzo (scientific director Prof. Caterina Carocci) and another, in 2016 stipulated with a district of Municipalities of Romagna Faentina ( as scientific co-manager together with Prof. Carocci), with the training of evaluation tools to support the processes of prevention and mitigation of seismic risk, and reconstruction of the contexts damaged by the earthquake.
He has provided judicial consultancy in the real estate, expropriation and environmental fields, which has proved useful for in-depth studies on the connection between foundational (finalistic) and applicative (instrumental) aspects of the economic-estimative discipline.


Academic Year 2021/2022

Academic Year 2020/2021

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Academic Year 2015/2016

Project and planning valuation; Cultural heritage valuation; Urban equalization; environmental assessment; damage appraisal; Rea estate analysis and appraisal

Consultancy in the field of project and plan evaluation; judicial consultancy in the field of legal and environmental real estate valuation