Academic Year 2021/2022 - 2° Year
Teaching Staff: Ignazio BLANCO
Credit Value: 3
Laboratories: 45 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

Aiming at increasing the students' knowledge about jobs application, the training course of the CdS includes 3 CFU for further training activities, namely "Useful knowledge for jobs application".

Course Structure

During the second semester, seminars will be provided in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of Catania (hard skills) and the Orientation, Training & Placement Center of the University of Catania (soft skills).

Detailed Course Content

Hard skills:

The building process for private clients

Building interventions and qualifications

Presentation of a building project and land registry

The direction of the works and the static testing

Urban and building aspects

Technological aspects

Construction bonuses and SICILY seismic platform

The SICILY house plan

Soft skills:

Channels of access to the labor market.

Focus on personnel selection

From soft skills to CV: application tools

Simulation of a selective process

Simulation of an interview; assessment

Self-Employment how to obtain financing for entrepreneurial activities

N.B. the program could undergo some slight changes depending on the availability of the Order of Engineers and the COF.