Job Opportunities

Job opportunities concern the design, construction and management of works and or services relating to the following areas:

  • civil engineering area: construction companies; civil infrastructures; private and public offices for the design, planning, management and control of urban and territorial systems; companies, organizations, consortia and agencies for the management and control of systems and services; service companies for the feasibility study of the urban and territorial impact of infrastructures.
  • area of ​​environmental and territorial engineering: private companies or public agencies for the design, planning, construction and management of systems for the removal of pollutants and monitoring of the environment and the territory, soil defense, management of waste, geological and energy resources and for the assessment of the impact and environmental compatibility of plans and works.
  • area of ​​safety engineering and civil, environmental and territorial protection: large infrastructures, construction sites, workplaces, industrial environments, local authorities, public and private agencies for developing safety prevention and management activities.