Academic Year 2022/2023 - Teacher: Federico VAGLIASINDI

Expected Learning Outcomes

Basic knowledge on pollution of solid, liquid and gaseous matrices and engineering solutions.

Course Structure

Front lectures and case study presentations

Detailed Course Content

Environmental Issue; natural and antropogenic polluttants;

Sustainability, circular economy and LCA

Environmental law;

Mass Balances

Foundamentals of toxicology, ecology and environmental impact assesments and risk analysis

Natural water and wastewater characteristics

BOD, natural attenuation;

Classification of water and wastewater treatment;

Sludge treatment

Coagulation, settling, filtration, adsorption, disinfection

Water softening, fluoration, iron and manganese removal

Water saving 

Water runoff: environmental issues

Wastewater reuse

Waste management, recycling, composting:

Soil pollution and site remediation

Delocalized wastewater treatment

Electromagnetic pollution

Field visit to Catania wastewater tteatment plant

Air pollution

Case Study: the national site of Biancavilla, Catania

Textbook Information

Edizioni CSISA 2013. Progettazione di Impianti per il controllo del rischio sanitario ambientale. Contattare:  info@csisa.it (in Italian)

Course Planning

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