Riccardo DELL'OSSO

Associate Professor of Architectural and urban design [ICAR/14]

Riccardo Dell’Osso has worked as a researcher at the Polytechnic of Milan, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence and at the Polytechnic University of Oxford, between 1987 and 1993, since 1993 at the University of Pavia, where teaches since 1997 "Architecture and Architectural Composition I".

Associate Professor from 2002 to Architecture and Urban Design ( ICAR14 ) at the University of Catania participates in the organization of seminars and exhibitions and is Director of the Laboratory of Design for Landscape and Urban Mobility which is responsible for scientific conferences and collaboration research projects with public agencies.

It has been a visiting professor at the Escola Tecnica Superior d' Arquitectura de Barcelona ( ETSAB ), as part of the programs of the University for the mobility of teaching staff on research projects related to architectural design.

Is Professor of the International Design Seminar "Urban Culture and Landscape Renewal" of the Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS ) of Pavia.

With the study of architecture (member of the Order of Milan since 1989), carries out design and has participated in numerous competitions, workshops and exhibitions on architecture winning awards and accolades.

It is a designer and consultant for public and engineering companies including the City of Milan since 1990 and the Metropolitana Milanese since 1989 about architectural design, urban environment and landscape.

He participated in the preparation of the “Piano di Governo del Territorio”, the “Piano Territoriale di Coordinamento Provinciale” , the “Piano Urbano della Mobilità” , the “Piano Generale del Traffico Urbano” and Agenda 21, with particular reference to the relationship between architecture and infrastructure, the City of Milan.

He has published books, essays and articles on the topics of language, architectural composition, landscape, mobility and morphology.

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