Educational Aims

The master's degree course in Chemical Engineering for Industrial Sustainability aims to train engineers able to design and manage chemical technologies (in particular in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and new materials sectors) through the development of sustainable physico-chemical approaches or, if needed, by operating traditional and novel processes reducing the use and generation of hazardous substances.

The practical instruction of the students is achieved by laboratory experiences and/or industrial internships that allows the students to develop their skills in view of the wide spectrum of competences mentioned above to guarantee the graduates the ability to:

  • To apply the knowledge basic disciplines to technical problems, also of scientific relevance, of high complexity and of multi-disciplinary character;
  • To formalize and solve complex technical problems and to formulate innovative solutions;
  • To design and manage traditional and innovative processes through the knowledge acquired in the course;
  • To operate and conduct autonomously and safely plants and production sites as well as being able to communicate and relate within technical and productive organizations.