Full Professor of Materials science and technology [ING-IND/22]

Prof. Antonino Pollicino was born in Catania on 04/04/58 and completed his university studies there, obtaining, on 04/08/83, a degree in Chemistry with 110/110 cum laude. He is full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Catania. His scientific activity is mainly aimed at the study of polymeric materials. He spent several periods abroad to carry out research on "Synthesis of advanced polymeric materials" (fellowship offered by the New Science Group of the Wilton Materials Research Center, of the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)), "Optimization of mechanical properties of composite materials for the formation of chemical bonds between matrix and high modulus fibers "(six-month scholarship for abroad awarded by the CNR - Department of Chemistry of the University of Queensland - Brisbane, Australia)," Synthesis and characterization of new UV protected copolymers "(University of Sheffield). He has also participated in research projects funded by the European Economic Community under the 'Stimulation' program (contract n ° SCI-0025-C (A)) to carry out research on the topic: “Surface photooxidation of polymeric materials. Stabilization and influence on volume degradation "and more recently on the topic" Synthesis and properties of mechanically linked polymeric architectures ". Representative of the University of Catania for the four-year period 2016-2020, and confirmed for the four-year period 2020-2024, on the Board of Directors of the "Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology" (INSTM). Member of the Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM). Former member of the Italian Association of Materials Engineering (AIMAT). Former member of the National Scientific Qualification Commission for the execution of judicial measures for SSD ING / IND-22. Former member of the Scientific Commission "Chemical Sciences" of the University of Catania. Member of the Board of Professors of the Research Doctorate in "Materials Science and Nanotechnologies" of the University of Catania. Former member of the scientific committee of the “Catania Ricerche” consortium. Scientific director of a research unit at the University of Catania of the "Interuniversity Consortium of Science and Technology of Materials" (INSTM). He was coordinator of the local research units that collaborate in various national research projects (PRISMA 2003 "Hybrid organic-inorganic coatings with nanocomposite structure for the modification of the surfaces of polymeric films for packaging" and COFIN 2004 "Characterization of the surface of organic hybrid coatings -inorganics with nanocomposite structure and study of their photodegradation "). He was scientific director of the research program of the INSTM operational unit at the University of Catania within the NoE (Network of Excellence) "Nanostructured and Functional Polymer - Based Materials and Nanocomposites" (Nanofun-Poly) funded by the European Community ( contract n. FP6-500361-2) within the VI framework program, which since 2008 has resulted in the establishment of the "European Center for Nanostructured Polymers" ( The topics covered by the studies can be grouped as follows: a) Synthesis and study of the property-structure relationships of high-performance polymers; b) Study and optimization of the composition of polymeric surfaces; c) Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured polymeric systems. d) Polymeric materials for electronics. Prof. Pollicino is the co-author of over 120 original scientific memoirs published in international journals and over 130 papers presented at national and international conferences.


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