Full Professor of Urban and regional planning [ICAR/20]

Paolo La Greca is professor of City and Regional Planning, at the University of Catania, former Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and component of academic Senate. He is President of the CeNSU - National Centre of Urban Studies, (Rome), and has been also VP of the ISoCaRP - International Society of City and Regional Planners (The Haugue). He is member of board of INU Sicilia and EXCo Member of Italian Society of Planners (SIU), Vice-president

He has been Technical Adviser of delegation for DG Foreign Affairs of EU Commission (Bruxelles) and expert in Development Co-operation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome).

He was also member of the Scientific Committee of the Regional Territorial Plan in Sicily, of the Regional Town Planning Council and of the Scientific Committee of the Mount Etna Natural Park.

He is member of the PhD program “Evaluation and mitigation of Risks at urban and regional level”, of the University of Catania.

La Greca main research interests include Territorial and Urban Planning and Management aimed at urban renewal and environmental remediation.

He is currently worked on several Landscape, Environmental and Master  Plans (such as Province of Enna, Siracusa and city of  Catania, Troina, Ragalna).

He is former editor of “IsocarpReview” and his research has led to an extensive range of publications (more than 110), including books printed both in Italy and abroad:

He is member of research groups of national interest from 1986 and local coordinator from 1996. Moreover, he is responsible for Academic local research programs. 

He has been director of the Resource Centre in Catania, part of Eurexter II project on improvement of urban and rural environment quality, funded by European Commission. Institutions and local administrations from five European countries (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland) took part in the project including the Universities of Hamburg, Nantes, Paris VIII, Oviedo and Limerick.

He took part in the National Research Group funded by the Department of Public Works on the evaluation of Italian "Urban Programs".

He has been part of the research “Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns” ( Interreg IV (14 research partners, i.e: Manchester University and Town and Country Planning Association, London), UE RegioStars Prize 2012, for best regional development project.

He has also been coordinator of the partnership between Centro Nazionale di Studi Urbanistici and other relevant European planning association for EU “SPECIAL”, project, co-funded by European Union’s Intelligent Energy Europe (IIE) programme, leaded by Town and Country Planning Association, London, intended to detect a way of planning for sustainable energy by integrated sustainable energy approach for physical and transport planning.

La Greca he has been component of several international juries in architectural and planning competitions.


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