Job Opportunities

The ability to identify, formulate and solve complex problems, also in an innovative way, allows Master's graduates in Mechanical Engineering a wide range of employment opportunities in national and international contexts, also with coordination responsibilities and with very diverse tasks, mainly within engineering companies, mechanical and mechatronic, metallurgical and electromechanical industries, companies and bodies for energy conversion, automation industries, manufacturing companies for production, companies for the maintenance and management of machines, public bodies or public participation in technical functions.
In addition, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering can take up as a freelance professional in both design and industrial management consultancy activities.
The learn-by-doing approach promoted by the MSC enables the graduates to be fully operational after just short training times in their professional profiles, in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics and energy engineering.  
The multidisciplinary education of our graduates gives them the flexibility to adapt to the different professional needs required by the international world of work.
The scientific level of our graduates already proved to be suitable for continuing their studies within the framework of mechanics-related PhD programs in Italy and in prestigious Universities abroad (e.g. Oxford-UK, Columbus-USA, Gent-Belgium).